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pumpin' dogs pumpin' dogs is the NFT metaverse game built by dog lovers, for dog lovers! Unlike other NFT with little to no utility, pumpin' dogs NFTs grant you access to the pumpin' dogs metaverse! In there, you can meet other members, build your dream pet house, and join various missions. Think of it as the Stardew Valley but with cute dogs.
FAQ How much do they cost and how many are you supplying?
The supply is only 1,000 with a cost of 0.05 ETH each.

Are all pumpin' dogs the same?
While we love every single one of them, some of the dogs may carry rare attributes and traits. Some of the attributes will affect breeding , and some will be required to unlock certain secret missions.

Can they breed?
Yes of course.

What are missions?
Missions and adventures are the gamification mechanism of the pumpin' dogs metaverse. Through these missions and adventures, you will be able to build and expand the metaverse together with our members. Successfully completing them will yield you other NFT’s and rewards.

Roadmap Phase 1 : let the dogs out
Phase 2 : enable breeding
Phase 3 : enable missions
Phase 4 : activate play-2-earn
Phase 5 : on to the metaverse ~~~


The team

Little Biscuit
Favourite breed: Golden Retriever
Purple Sashimi
Favourite breed: Shiba Inu

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